Monday, January 23, 2012

Water for Water Dragon

It was a fine day for a swim. Since we do not celebrate Chinese New Year religiously. We just decided to have a swim in a nearby   seashore.  We bring some breakfast and some hot chocolate.

The Tres Marias are so excited that they  went to sleep very early. They pack their things before hitting the bed. So when  the time for their alarm clock ring. They already on their feet for a swim.

As we approached the site . They can hold on to their delight to swim. We can still feel the coolness of the morning. But it didn’t stop them for a swim immediately. The parents and other older company took some hot chocolate and breakfast to start the event. It was a cool morning. Kim is the first one to take the deep with her daddy. Ela seems to feel awkward with her new set of bathing suit. Cj always protects her white complexion. They really indeed have ways in the water.

       After taking the breakfast they all went to the seashore. They really have fun time in the water. They decided to have a game to spice up the moment. They made a contest  the longer to stay up float in the water will be the winner. Anybody can take turns in becoming the winner as long as you stay afloat. It was such a wonderful game time with everybody.
   We end the time with a brunch just to eat all what we have bring. It was  a fine way of celebrating Chinese New year at the seashore.


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