Sunday, February 12, 2012


My girls love the idea of being loved. Not only by their parents but with the opposite sex. I could hardly bare sometimes that they will giggle in the middle of the night just talking about their crushes.Oh! my kids are really getting older. I remember Cj when she was just Grade IV when a classmate gave her a red rose and some chocolates. At first , she finds it so shy because it is her first time to received such gift to someone of her age. She refuses to because I might get angry. But I told her not to worry. I will always  remind them it is part of growing up and deal with it  modestly.
For Ela was something different , she let me read a letter given to her by her classmate. It was supposed to be a friendly letter. It is a requirement  in their formal theme writing. She was surprised because it was an expression of love to her from a classmate. She was giggling as I read it. Funny valentines indeed in a such an early age. Teenagers just love the thrill it brings to their adrenalin rush.


  1. Hi, Chloe!
    It´s really very cool the "VALENTINE'S DAY" ... Unfortunately here in Brazil, It seems that people have lost a lot of romanticism.

    Only the younger couples and "very" passionate yet keeps this date.
    Well ...Anyway I wish you a great VALENTINE'S DAY!
    Warm regards from Brasil!
    Have a nice week!

  2. hapi valentines sayo friend!!Ayihi my date yan maya ehehe

  3. My kids and I enjoyed our spaghetti and toasted for our valentines celebration.Home cook by me.Thanks for leaving some comments.