Monday, January 23, 2012

Water for Water Dragon

It was a fine day for a swim. Since we do not celebrate Chinese New Year religiously. We just decided to have a swim in a nearby   seashore.  We bring some breakfast and some hot chocolate.

The Tres Marias are so excited that they  went to sleep very early. They pack their things before hitting the bed. So when  the time for their alarm clock ring. They already on their feet for a swim.

As we approached the site . They can hold on to their delight to swim. We can still feel the coolness of the morning. But it didn’t stop them for a swim immediately. The parents and other older company took some hot chocolate and breakfast to start the event. It was a cool morning. Kim is the first one to take the deep with her daddy. Ela seems to feel awkward with her new set of bathing suit. Cj always protects her white complexion. They really indeed have ways in the water.

       After taking the breakfast they all went to the seashore. They really have fun time in the water. They decided to have a game to spice up the moment. They made a contest  the longer to stay up float in the water will be the winner. Anybody can take turns in becoming the winner as long as you stay afloat. It was such a wonderful game time with everybody.
   We end the time with a brunch just to eat all what we have bring. It was  a fine way of celebrating Chinese New year at the seashore.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Tres Marias: First birthday party for 2012

January 10 at 4:00 known fast food chain in our place. The tres marias seems to happy to join a party after the school. They prepared a dance number for the celebrant. They were so excited to join some parlor games and some dancing with mascot. I really find so amusing to watch the mascot dance and make their moves. I myself was so excited. So when the mascot played their music I grabbed my video and took the dance. Have fun and enjoy watching it. I did enjoy the time. I wanted to join and dance with the group. Gone are the days when I was young we did not have that kind of entertainment on person. So the tres marias sure enjoyed the afternoon entertainment. Imagine five mascots dancing in front of you. I am used to seeing only the famous mascot they have . But that time all of there mascots on dancing feet. wow an enjoying afternoon for everybody.

Friday, January 13, 2012

TRES Marias : Water melon Adventure

It was a fine day for a ride. We went to a watermelon plantation. I never expected to see such a land like that. We do have it  in our home town but this is something new for the Tres Marias.
           When we went the kids seems to be amazed such a many of watermelon on display . They find so educational. They were given some inputs on how the watermelon planted. It looks like a science class presentation. When it’s time for them for some tasting. Everybody seems to be excited as  it  was slice in front of them. They were asking us will it be that sweet knowing it is freshly pick. They always have it straight from the refrigerator back home.

 But when we started eating everybody really like the sweetness and the juiciness it brings. Every bite is like a heaven. Ela loves it very much so with Cj. But on the other hand Kim seems to dislike the taste. We continue to splurge ourselves since it eat all you . As well as discounted when you buy . We brought some for desserts later on. Twas a fine day for eating watermelon.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

TRES Marias : Cj on her first offertory song

  January 8, 2012. It was a Sunday morning and my daughter Cj is so excited to sing the offertory. I was also in a hurry to prepare all her needs. She went ahead of us to make some vocalization with the band.
when it is her time to sing I was so scared. As I listened to her sing I was indeed in awe and amazement. I couldn't believe my daughter have grown so much in singing. She love and enjoy what she is doing now.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Tres Marias Appliances

My kids continue to amuse me as they grow up. My kids can be related with the appliances in our house.

CJ will always be our computer and tekkie one. She is using the computer always. She always enjoys searching all the new trends and music. She fined it so good to be updated with all the music around her. She is so proud about knowing the songs and be able to share to her siblings. She can memorize and familiarize the songs like a computer .She can restore and retrieve all the songs in a blink of an eye. She is like a music machine indeed.

Ela is our stove operator. She finds herself in front of a stove. Actually it is always a hand and hand with her daddy. She is pleased to be working with her daddy. She is always in to slicing and preparing the dishes. I can always depend on her especially if she wanted to try some new dish. She is so excited to share what she has learned in their home economics lessons.  She could not resist new dishes especially and keep on asking all the ingredients being used.

Kim is our karaoke and stereo. She could not stop stumping her feet as music strikes. She enjoys singing and humming some new songs learned. She will be singing the songs over and over again. She entertains us with readymade songs.
My tres Marias in their own uniqueness.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Tres Marias Singing stint

The tres marias seems to have new songs to memorize and be updates every week. I find it so annoying especially when they keep on replaying the songs just to get the tune and lyrics. One time Cj will be begging me or her dad to download some songs because she doesn’t want to be outdated with the latest music trends. You will find them in front of the TV watching music videos. But when the time for them to release what they have been practicing and memorizing. I just end up with a glee on my face.

Cj and Ela are active in the church such as the band or some fund raising for their upcoming activities. I was surprised when they keep on bragging that they will have a duet on their fund raising event. When heard them sing I couldn’t help but to have a teary eyed moments.

Kim seems to be just tagging along with her siblings. I find it funny sometimes because she just can’t say some words so complicated with her age level. She was indeed so full of surprises. One time Cj was strumming her fingers on the guitar and heard Kim singing the song s being played by her singing.OMG she’s singing price tag on guitar.
Since then my husband and I supported my kids in their love to music. Maybe they are not for the music industry but for the fun of family bonding and fellowship. Go for your singing stint girls.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Tres Marias First DIVING Experience@GUIMARAS ISLAND

Since we explore the Island of Guimaras Island the Tres Marias was so excited at first. I find the place worth searching for us we continue to hop every island. The weather really cooperated with us. It was a gloomy day under the clouds. As we explore the caves the Tres Marias was given the opportunity to snorkel.

I thought for a while I am the adventurous type but when we reached the area. Goosebumps seems too squirmed all over me. I tried using the life vest .I did not last because I do not feel confident with the vest I’m wearing. 

As they look under water they were indeed amaze with they see. They continue to explore the area with a smile on their faces .They  will continue to explore the area..

TRES Marias FIRST Plane ride

We bought the plane ticket last September and the kids were so excited. They were as excited as they continue to make their countdowns. They always asked what to do inside the plane and how does it feel. I couldn’t help them but say just stay seat and enjoy the ride.

The day arrives and the kids didn’t sleep that well. We took the first flight in the morning bound to ILOILO city. They were all excited they took a bath and ate some breakfast. Clothes were pack days ago. Keep on checking every now and then. Kids powered with energy for their first.

The grinned on their faces seems so amusing with all the ifs and but for their first plane ride. Look at Ela's favorite pillow to calm her ride with her favorite cousin to seat beside her.

Kim wanted to stay near the window. She wanted to see the tiny objects . She keep on giggling and with amazement . It was indeed a ride of her life. 
Cj also seat near the window. Good for fourteen of us so we can have the windows we want. They find the experienced something new. On the first instruction of seat belts on was something new and strange for them They find the announcement something new . They pronounced the words so slang even with the filipino language. The TRES MARIAS enjoyed their first plane ride...