Monday, January 2, 2012

Tres Marias First DIVING Experience@GUIMARAS ISLAND

Since we explore the Island of Guimaras Island the Tres Marias was so excited at first. I find the place worth searching for us we continue to hop every island. The weather really cooperated with us. It was a gloomy day under the clouds. As we explore the caves the Tres Marias was given the opportunity to snorkel.

I thought for a while I am the adventurous type but when we reached the area. Goosebumps seems too squirmed all over me. I tried using the life vest .I did not last because I do not feel confident with the vest I’m wearing. 

As they look under water they were indeed amaze with they see. They continue to explore the area with a smile on their faces .They  will continue to explore the area..

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