Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Batman invades 14th birthday

She just celebrated her 14th birthday with her favourite cartoon character Batman. As a mom It would be a big hassle knowing the in our place it would be so rare and expensive to buy such motif. My creativity strikes again as my fingers on the scissors. Just bought yellow and black cartolina . The cutting begins before I knew it all the ideas just bounce back. And there you have a very inexpensive decorations for the area.

I tried my best to look for  some paraphernalia for the said event. I asked first the baker for the cake how she will make it .I found a simple design and ask to do it the way I wanted it to be. Cj loves it as she blows her 14th candle away.

 It is also her first time to have her friends over. Friends from elementary and the new found friends. Sing along with a laptop with the latest hits songs was indeed a bang. They enjoyed the moment with the celebrant. Ela also showed her singing and dancing stint. They have fun  and laughter all through the night. She showed  us how happy she was with a big smile on her face.