Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Tres Marias summer workshop. It was indeed a long summer for my Tres Marias.They wanted something different and exciting . So I let them enroll to some short term workshop.
Ela enjoyed to play the guitar. So I decided to let Joana to teach her at home. I find it very  money saving since the tutor will be coming to our place. Joana seems to be a nice teacher even though she finds it difficult to teach younger teens in playing the guitar. Eventually Ela learned some songs played on the guitar. I am amazed of how fast she wanted to learn. She really strums the guitar everyday for her not to forget what she learn.

Cj is on voice lessons. I enrolled her to Patricks a studio with all the gadgets necessary for the recording of voice. It was indeed her first to enroll such activity. She was so excited at the same time nervous on her first day. She will have a recital on the latter part of May.

Kim is on dancing. I enrolled her on her school summer dance workshop. She always see to it that she will be ready for the afternoon sessions. She tagged along her cousins. She really love what she is doing. Imagine she needs to dance from I:00 to 5:00 pm but her energy level  never let go. She’s really up too late in the evening just to show what she learned. She end up the workshop with big bang. All of us went to her dance from Folk dance and hip hop. She will never forget this summer because  she was one of the chosen dancers of the school. It will be a busy Saturdays  during schools for me and Kim.