Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Ela's first rampage exposure..

It was always been the tradition for the school to raise some amount for the school project. This is in connection with the schools  foundation day. Before the said date Ela told me that she will join the rampage it will cost only a minimal fee for the participant. I told her it would be a good idea for you to boost your confidence in displaying your beauty in a fashion way. They were instructed that they will wear a casual attire. They have practices during the weekdays before the said event.
On that day she was hesitant to wear a dress . She felt so naked that’s what she described herself that day. Everybody in the house cheers for her. Everybody is so excited to see her on that dress. She put on her makeup and fixed her hair.  Wow! She’s really dress to kill. She went down the stairs with smile. Even though she felt uneasy she was able to carry the dress well.

It was raining that day and everybody seems to jammed near the stage for their cue. I could hardly hear the sound of the voice of the masters of ceremony. I was so excited and anxious as some parents also awaits for their  child to display their moves. The parents and guardians alike are too thrilled to see such display of little women on rampage spree. We are all proud of what they become  A CONFIDENT young women.
 I am happy for you Ela. Sometimes you feel awkward to wear dresses. This will be your first exposure  and hope it will not be the last. You really look good. Everybody loves you more.

Sunday, February 12, 2012


My girls love the idea of being loved. Not only by their parents but with the opposite sex. I could hardly bare sometimes that they will giggle in the middle of the night just talking about their crushes.Oh! my kids are really getting older. I remember Cj when she was just Grade IV when a classmate gave her a red rose and some chocolates. At first , she finds it so shy because it is her first time to received such gift to someone of her age. She refuses to because I might get angry. But I told her not to worry. I will always  remind them it is part of growing up and deal with it  modestly.
For Ela was something different , she let me read a letter given to her by her classmate. It was supposed to be a friendly letter. It is a requirement  in their formal theme writing. She was surprised because it was an expression of love to her from a classmate. She was giggling as I read it. Funny valentines indeed in a such an early age. Teenagers just love the thrill it brings to their adrenalin rush.