Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Batman invades 14th birthday

She just celebrated her 14th birthday with her favourite cartoon character Batman. As a mom It would be a big hassle knowing the in our place it would be so rare and expensive to buy such motif. My creativity strikes again as my fingers on the scissors. Just bought yellow and black cartolina . The cutting begins before I knew it all the ideas just bounce back. And there you have a very inexpensive decorations for the area.

I tried my best to look for  some paraphernalia for the said event. I asked first the baker for the cake how she will make it .I found a simple design and ask to do it the way I wanted it to be. Cj loves it as she blows her 14th candle away.

 It is also her first time to have her friends over. Friends from elementary and the new found friends. Sing along with a laptop with the latest hits songs was indeed a bang. They enjoyed the moment with the celebrant. Ela also showed her singing and dancing stint. They have fun  and laughter all through the night. She showed  us how happy she was with a big smile on her face.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Schooltime is here

Its been  a week since the school starts in our place. Kim is in Grade II and with new room and classmates. Ela is in Grade VI as well. I just love my kids they were able to use what they have last year. They did not demand much of new things. School supplies will be the only things they will look after. Like the notebooks will be the cover of their favourite cartoon character. Pencils all sharpened already. Shoes all shine. Uniforms all ironed . Backpacks all pack for the day.

Until the middle of the week they wanted to passed by the park and relax. They found it so exhausting. I know for sure that now they realized that no more time to play in the computer during weekdays. No longer hours for afternoon game but to give way to reviewing of notes.It will be a challenging year for these two kids. School time is here for sure another fun and exciting memories will be here . Your father and I will always be here to support you . Be  the best.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Tres Marias summer workshop. It was indeed a long summer for my Tres Marias.They wanted something different and exciting . So I let them enroll to some short term workshop.
Ela enjoyed to play the guitar. So I decided to let Joana to teach her at home. I find it very  money saving since the tutor will be coming to our place. Joana seems to be a nice teacher even though she finds it difficult to teach younger teens in playing the guitar. Eventually Ela learned some songs played on the guitar. I am amazed of how fast she wanted to learn. She really strums the guitar everyday for her not to forget what she learn.

Cj is on voice lessons. I enrolled her to Patricks a studio with all the gadgets necessary for the recording of voice. It was indeed her first to enroll such activity. She was so excited at the same time nervous on her first day. She will have a recital on the latter part of May.

Kim is on dancing. I enrolled her on her school summer dance workshop. She always see to it that she will be ready for the afternoon sessions. She tagged along her cousins. She really love what she is doing. Imagine she needs to dance from I:00 to 5:00 pm but her energy level  never let go. She’s really up too late in the evening just to show what she learned. She end up the workshop with big bang. All of us went to her dance from Folk dance and hip hop. She will never forget this summer because  she was one of the chosen dancers of the school. It will be a busy Saturdays  during schools for me and Kim.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Series for Ela and Kim

Sometime ago my I heard my kids sing some song which lyrics that so strange to my ears. I was asking them about it. But they just both giggled. One time I heard Kim saying  “ amirah! Amirah”  with a very unfamiliar tone.  I asked her did you have a new friend with that. She nodded “ NO”.
  Every time Ela and Kim arrives home they are so excited to change the channel to watch this on Disney Channel. I was so curious . so I seat with them and listened as they sing along with opening song of the said TV show. They really enjoy it.

So I decided to search for it in the Wikipedia “Waktu Rehat (Break Time), also known as As The Bell Rings Malaysia, is a Disney Channel Asia Original television series that premiered on August 31, 2010. It is based on Disney Channel Italy Original Series, Quelli dell'intervallo. The show follows on a group of Malaysian Lower Secondary School students from fictional SM Jalan Mas (Golden Road Secondary School) on the school hallway during Recess.
The series premiered on August 31, 2010. The first episode, called "Durian Breath" or "Nafas Durian" was shown online on August 18, 2010 in Disney Channel Asia website & Disney Channel Asia's YouTube channel. The show currently airs every Saturday and Sunday on 12:00 pm (MAL/PHIL).. English Subtitles are available during each episode.

I find it educational and funny. Especially for my kids when they hear some words same with us. They pretend to know the language because they are reading the subtitles. So now I know that it is break time from all the dramas .

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Rotonda Escapade

     We had an adventure week end at ROTONDA.  A rice field all around you. The pasture is really green. We went there for a visit for Ela and Kim . We tagged along some cousins and relatives. We visited a relative who passed away.
     Ela and Kim seems to be excited to see such place. We ventured to the place where they haven’t seen for a while. They grew up preferably in the city. It is their first time to passed along a rice plot. The van we used seems to be swaying left and right just to get through the small alley.

   We enjoyed meeting some friends. As we decided to go home. We had a slight fall on the other side of the rice field. Needless to say, we need to get out from the vehicle just to give way of the van to be moved. The kids seems to be enjoying the adventure. They thought of many things like maybe they will leave the place late in the evening. So we ask some help from houses nearby. Good they lend us their tools .  So the driver was so engrossed of lifting the wheel from the mud. The driver made a plan, we will all be seated at the back portion of the van so that the van will left a little higher . Then the van moved. At last, the van moved. We all yells ...hooray.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Ela's first rampage exposure..

It was always been the tradition for the school to raise some amount for the school project. This is in connection with the schools  foundation day. Before the said date Ela told me that she will join the rampage it will cost only a minimal fee for the participant. I told her it would be a good idea for you to boost your confidence in displaying your beauty in a fashion way. They were instructed that they will wear a casual attire. They have practices during the weekdays before the said event.
On that day she was hesitant to wear a dress . She felt so naked that’s what she described herself that day. Everybody in the house cheers for her. Everybody is so excited to see her on that dress. She put on her makeup and fixed her hair.  Wow! She’s really dress to kill. She went down the stairs with smile. Even though she felt uneasy she was able to carry the dress well.

It was raining that day and everybody seems to jammed near the stage for their cue. I could hardly hear the sound of the voice of the masters of ceremony. I was so excited and anxious as some parents also awaits for their  child to display their moves. The parents and guardians alike are too thrilled to see such display of little women on rampage spree. We are all proud of what they become  A CONFIDENT young women.
 I am happy for you Ela. Sometimes you feel awkward to wear dresses. This will be your first exposure  and hope it will not be the last. You really look good. Everybody loves you more.