Sunday, March 18, 2012

Rotonda Escapade

     We had an adventure week end at ROTONDA.  A rice field all around you. The pasture is really green. We went there for a visit for Ela and Kim . We tagged along some cousins and relatives. We visited a relative who passed away.
     Ela and Kim seems to be excited to see such place. We ventured to the place where they haven’t seen for a while. They grew up preferably in the city. It is their first time to passed along a rice plot. The van we used seems to be swaying left and right just to get through the small alley.

   We enjoyed meeting some friends. As we decided to go home. We had a slight fall on the other side of the rice field. Needless to say, we need to get out from the vehicle just to give way of the van to be moved. The kids seems to be enjoying the adventure. They thought of many things like maybe they will leave the place late in the evening. So we ask some help from houses nearby. Good they lend us their tools .  So the driver was so engrossed of lifting the wheel from the mud. The driver made a plan, we will all be seated at the back portion of the van so that the van will left a little higher . Then the van moved. At last, the van moved. We all yells ...hooray.


  1. nice rice field,... in my country has a many that kind too...

  2. Courage is fear that has said its prayers.