Monday, January 2, 2012

TRES Marias FIRST Plane ride

We bought the plane ticket last September and the kids were so excited. They were as excited as they continue to make their countdowns. They always asked what to do inside the plane and how does it feel. I couldn’t help them but say just stay seat and enjoy the ride.

The day arrives and the kids didn’t sleep that well. We took the first flight in the morning bound to ILOILO city. They were all excited they took a bath and ate some breakfast. Clothes were pack days ago. Keep on checking every now and then. Kids powered with energy for their first.

The grinned on their faces seems so amusing with all the ifs and but for their first plane ride. Look at Ela's favorite pillow to calm her ride with her favorite cousin to seat beside her.

Kim wanted to stay near the window. She wanted to see the tiny objects . She keep on giggling and with amazement . It was indeed a ride of her life. 
Cj also seat near the window. Good for fourteen of us so we can have the windows we want. They find the experienced something new. On the first instruction of seat belts on was something new and strange for them They find the announcement something new . They pronounced the words so slang even with the filipino language. The TRES MARIAS enjoyed their first plane ride...

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