Friday, January 6, 2012

Tres Marias Appliances

My kids continue to amuse me as they grow up. My kids can be related with the appliances in our house.

CJ will always be our computer and tekkie one. She is using the computer always. She always enjoys searching all the new trends and music. She fined it so good to be updated with all the music around her. She is so proud about knowing the songs and be able to share to her siblings. She can memorize and familiarize the songs like a computer .She can restore and retrieve all the songs in a blink of an eye. She is like a music machine indeed.

Ela is our stove operator. She finds herself in front of a stove. Actually it is always a hand and hand with her daddy. She is pleased to be working with her daddy. She is always in to slicing and preparing the dishes. I can always depend on her especially if she wanted to try some new dish. She is so excited to share what she has learned in their home economics lessons.  She could not resist new dishes especially and keep on asking all the ingredients being used.

Kim is our karaoke and stereo. She could not stop stumping her feet as music strikes. She enjoys singing and humming some new songs learned. She will be singing the songs over and over again. She entertains us with readymade songs.
My tres Marias in their own uniqueness.

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