Thursday, January 5, 2012

Tres Marias Singing stint

The tres marias seems to have new songs to memorize and be updates every week. I find it so annoying especially when they keep on replaying the songs just to get the tune and lyrics. One time Cj will be begging me or her dad to download some songs because she doesn’t want to be outdated with the latest music trends. You will find them in front of the TV watching music videos. But when the time for them to release what they have been practicing and memorizing. I just end up with a glee on my face.

Cj and Ela are active in the church such as the band or some fund raising for their upcoming activities. I was surprised when they keep on bragging that they will have a duet on their fund raising event. When heard them sing I couldn’t help but to have a teary eyed moments.

Kim seems to be just tagging along with her siblings. I find it funny sometimes because she just can’t say some words so complicated with her age level. She was indeed so full of surprises. One time Cj was strumming her fingers on the guitar and heard Kim singing the song s being played by her singing.OMG she’s singing price tag on guitar.
Since then my husband and I supported my kids in their love to music. Maybe they are not for the music industry but for the fun of family bonding and fellowship. Go for your singing stint girls.

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