Friday, January 13, 2012

TRES Marias : Water melon Adventure

It was a fine day for a ride. We went to a watermelon plantation. I never expected to see such a land like that. We do have it  in our home town but this is something new for the Tres Marias.
           When we went the kids seems to be amazed such a many of watermelon on display . They find so educational. They were given some inputs on how the watermelon planted. It looks like a science class presentation. When it’s time for them for some tasting. Everybody seems to be excited as  it  was slice in front of them. They were asking us will it be that sweet knowing it is freshly pick. They always have it straight from the refrigerator back home.

 But when we started eating everybody really like the sweetness and the juiciness it brings. Every bite is like a heaven. Ela loves it very much so with Cj. But on the other hand Kim seems to dislike the taste. We continue to splurge ourselves since it eat all you . As well as discounted when you buy . We brought some for desserts later on. Twas a fine day for eating watermelon.


  1. I like watermelon. This fruit grows well in tropical regions. There are two colors, red and yellow. Yellow taste sweeter, but I like the red one.

  2. its been a year i haven't eat the water melon. looks yummy. oh gosh i want to grab it by this week :)

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